Our Main Task

(1) The basic theory research: geo-spatial analysis of the theories, models and methods of research.

(2) applied technology research: a combination of applications, based on the basis of geo-spatial analysis model for modeling applications to address application areas involved in spatial analysis problems.

(3) Geo-Spatial Analysis of shared services network platform: the use of advanced Web services technology to establish an open-style geo-analytical models, methods and tools for shared services-based platform, through standard protocols, integrated from different disciplines and research groups Geo-spatial analysis of the theories, models and tools of research results, etc., culminating in the platform as a set of scientific research, knowledge, learning, practical application of integrated geo-spatial analysis of shared service platform.

(4) International Geo-Spatial Analysis Research Center / Network: Through enlist international scientific talent, multi-project cooperation, international conferences and other channels of communication to make the center into a Geo-Spatial Analysis Research Center for International Exchange.